Simple fix when your Android Signal app refuses to send your SMS

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I use Signal as the default SMS application on my Android 12 phone.

Everything was working perfectly until Signal became unable to send any text SMS. I was still able to receive SMS but unable to answer.

My stupid solution 😎

After searching in every Android submenu (I was looking for the APNs settings of my SIM card), Signal was still unable to send any SMS text.

I decided to try those simple steps:

  1. Deny the SMS autorisation to Signal from the Settings -> Applications -> Autorisations

  2. Go to Signal, then try to send a SMS. A popup will appear explaining that Signal does not have the required autorisation

  3. Go again in the Settings -> Applications -> Autorisations and grant the SMS autorisation to Signal

  4. From the Signal main menu, tap the icon and go to Settings -> Chats -> SMS and MMS -> Use as default SMS app

Signal was already my default SMS application, so I’ve selected another (like Google Messages), then selected again Signal and validate my choice.

Time to try again … 🥁

Guess what … I’ve tried again to send a SMS text message … IT WORKED !

The 'Signal now sends my SMS again' face The 'Signal now sends my SMS again' face

This is no black magic. Maybe that those simple steps have simply reset a permission or something in my Android system. Hope this helps someone out there.